ZURA’S Second Year Begins

Every September, we are reminded of a fresh start. A new school year, a new routine, a new commitment to honoring our physical and mental health. We talk to our fellow yogis every day and have learned that so many of you work out with other forms of exercise. We have among our many yogis runners, golfers, tennis players, cyclists, cross fit fans, rock climbers and walkers. We love that these folks have incorporated ZURA classes into their routines - to instill calm, strength and balance, both physically and mentally. Since work and workout schedules often shift throughout the fall season, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to analyze which ZURA classes and class packages make the most sense for your schedule and budget as well as (and most importantly) your body and mind. 

We eagerly anticipate our official one-year anniversary in early October. During our special anniversary weekend, October 7th and 8th, we will offer a special class package of 10 classes for $100 (with a 3-month expiration). The special 10 for $100 package can be purchased in the studio only, not online. Be sure to drop by the studio for a class or a visit on Saturday, Oct 7th or Sunday, October 8th to take advantage of this 10 for $100 opportunity. 

For our kirtan enthusiasts, we will kick off our Anniversary Weekend with a kirtan featuring Prema Hara on Friday, October 6th at 7:00PM. (More info about Prema Hara here - http://www.premahara.com/about)

Whether we see you sweating on the mat, meditating to the uplifting sounds of Prema Hara or chatting in our front lobby about yoga and life, we welcome and cherish you.  Our community is like no other. We are constantly amazed by the energy, diversity and grace each of you gives to ZURA. We can’t wait to start our second year alongside you.

Here’s to all that awaits us on the mat and within this powerful community. Here’s to ZURA --

Cassie and Rebecca