C & R: When did you start your yoga practice?

DS: I was about 18 when I started flirting with yoga. I was in performing arts – as a singer, dancer and actor, so I’m naturally flexible but wanted to bring some strength into my flexibility.

C & R: What is it about yoga that spoke to you?

DS: I was always intrigued by those super bendy poses and wondered if I could do them myself. Of course now, I have a different appreciation for yoga in my life – it brings me tremendous peace, balance, healing for stress, even self-love.

C & R: Favorite pose?

DS: Vasisthasana (a side plank opening into a split). Definitely one of those crazy bendy poses!

C & R: What pose do most students ask you about after class?

DS: Probably walking stance. Any pose where your hips are squared but your legs are skewed are challenging for most students.

C & R: Body Art has really started to take off! What do you love about it?

DS: There’s a flow to the class that is quite beautiful. The five stages – arrival, expansion, circulation, descending, relaxing – work in conjunction for a complete workout that’s gentle, effective and feels like a release. There are modifications for every move which means that any student can enjoy this class.

C & R: Tips for new students?

DS: Any student really – honor your body first and foremost. Work on alignment before perfect poses. Every body really is different.

C & R: Finally, where can we find you when you’re not in the studio?

DS: My background in theater arts has given me a love for communication and connecting with people. I’m now studying French translation at Montclair State – I look forward to communicating and connecting in a whole new way.