ZURA is the only studio in the Montclair area offering bodyART: a unique training system that incorporates yoga, Pilates and martial arts. This class will challenge your whole body and leave you feeling empowered, centered and elated.

At the core of each bodyART class is the play of yin and yang – there is both a strengthening quality to the movements as well as a calming, relaxing quality. The bodyART movement sequences are holistic. The intention of the bodyART creators was to design a movement system that works the entire body rather than training a single muscle group at a time. This approach inspires a mental focus and awareness that brings the participant to a deeper connection with their body.

Another thing that differentiates bodyART from other training modalities is that it offers students an opportunity to “let go” – bodyART’s flow and emphasis on the breath are both energizing and tension-releasing. We spend so much of our lives trying to be in control -- both physically and emotionally -- bodyART encourages a release of that control.

At ZURA bodyART is offered in our not-hot studio. While challenging, the class is suitable for all levels. Our instructors are careful to offer modifications (or levels of intensity) for each movement sequence. You are in charge and can make your class work for you.

bodyART is not just a class, it’s an experience. Give it a try. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

NOTE: Join us on Thursday August 3rd at 7PM for a FREE community bodyART class at Lululemon (corner of Bloomfield Avenue and South Park Street). Rebecca and Dante, our bodyART-trained instructors, will be leading the outdoor class. Bring your mat and join us in the bodyART experience! 


Wishing you peace, strength, tranquility,

Cassie & Rebecca