Hot Yoga. We know it's polarizing. There are the “Hot Yoga Addicts” - those who relish that unique feeling of heated flexibility and holding poses at 100+ degree temperatures -  and there are those who cannot even fathom practicing yoga in the hot room. Remarkably, very few are on the fence - it's more of a love/hate thing. Until now. Enter FUSION, or, as we like to call it, "the best of both worlds."  

FUSION combines the classic poses of vinyasa yoga with the greatest hits (postures) of the Hot 26 class. The Fusion class at ZURA is practiced in a room that is slightly under 100 degrees. Not as intense as traditional "hot yoga," Fusion is a perfect gateway to reap the benefits of hot yoga while at the same time enjoying a yoga practice that flows in your body and is buoyed by music. The heat is instrumental in creating warm, supple muscles and helps you increase your flexibility while working through the poses. One of the hallmarks of any yoga class is that as you progress in your overall yoga practice, the postures don’t suddenly become easier. They are challenging every time you come to the mat, but the mark of a well-practiced and seasoned yogi is the ability to hold poses for greater lengths of time…and to do so with strength, grace and flexibility.

Is Fusion easy? No! Is Fusion a class that is achievable by almost any student no matter their level of experience? Absolutely.Yoga is all about what you bring to the mat each time you practice. The compassionate instructors at ZURA will guide you always, but your practice is forever your own.

Remember to stay hydrated, and to modify when necessary. Self-care in your self-practice is the number one priority at ZURA. And don’t forget, the sign of a true yogi is one who knows when they absolutely need to stop for a moment during their practice to re-group -- either by calmly sitting on their mat or taking child’s pose until they can resume their yoga with renewed energy.

Wishing you peace, strength, tranquility,

Cassie & Rebecca