YES! In fact, summer is an optimal time to perfect, or begin, your hot yoga practice. Here are some of the benefits of a hot yoga practice during the warmer months:

·      You’re already halfway up the acclimation mountain; your body is accustomed to the hotter outdoor temperatures so your muscles stay loose and supple in the heated yoga studio. When you are accustomed to the heat before class even begins, you’ll find that you are able to “warm up” your body more quickly so you can gain deeper access to the poses.

·      Practicing yoga in the hot room can have the added benefit of making you feel cooler throughout your day after class. You may find that you are able to “breathe through” a moment in a crowded hot space. Heck, 95 degrees in a crowded elevator is nothing because you’re used to practicing in a106-degree hot room with many other sweaty yogis all around you. 

·      When you are regularly practicing Hot Yoga, mindfully hydrating yourself and keeping track of what you’ve eaten become a natural part of your every-day preparation for your yoga class. Eating healthy, light, easier-to-digest meals the day of or even the day before your hot yoga class helps you to feel more comfortable and less constricted as you progress through the yoga postures. Furthermore, while many people forget to stay hydrated in the summer months, a hot yogi never does! And here’s some more good news: with consistent hot yoga practice, you’re going to feel more inclined to let yourself indulge in a favorite summer treat or two. No problem – go right ahead and enjoy that gelato or strawberry shortcake because you’re going to be right back in the hot room tomorrow or the day after.

·      No matter the season, a regular yoga practice will help you feel better physically and mentally. We practice yoga for many reasons, but one of the most powerful is our hunger for a sense of connectedness with our bodies and our breath. That feeling of connectedness can guide us and lift us when presented with difficult moments or challenges. Because progress in our yoga practice comes in subtle and personal ways, consistency is the name of the game. It takes practice. You don’t want to lose all the strides you’ve made in the hot room by missing an entire season.

·      And, if you aren’t addicted to hot yoga yet, Zura offers many different levels of hot in our hot studio -- as well as many yoga classes and other movement/strength classes in our non-hot studio. Come talk to us at the front desk about what you’re looking for to bolster your yoga practice this summer.  Or, check out our class descriptions and schedule.

Maybe you’re hoping to get closer to that feeling of connectedness in your body and breath. Maybe you want to feel less achy and strained in your body and mind. Or maybe you just want to feel super confident in your best skimpy summer outfit. Whatever your goal, ZURA would like to help you achieve it and we’re confident that Hot Yoga can help you get there.

Wishing you peace, strength, tranquility-

Cassie & Rebecca