Namaste. And welcome to our blog. When we first thought about opening a yoga studio, we put a lot of thought into the classes we'd offer, instructors, decor, and of course all of those logistical details. But when we thought about the tone and atmosphere that we envisioned for Zura, we both came up with the same word. Community. Of course we want to offer a wide variety of top-notch yoga classes, but it was equally important to us to be a part of our incredibly dynamic community - the Montclair area - of which we are so blessed to be a part.  We both have raised our families here, and could not feel more connected to so many people, schools, teachers, coffee shops, restaurants - truly appreciating our community, and enjoying its many gifts in so many ways.  Our goal is for our little studio to add to that sense of community, and become a place where anyone can come and feel welcomed. And not only do we strive to become part of the fabric and common ground of our larger community, our mission is also to create our own little sacred community within our walls. It's become a cliche, but we do love the idea of "a place where everybody knows your name."

We are hopeful that our studio offers that same vibe of connection, peace, and community where everyone, whether novice or advanced yogi, feels welcomed and appreciated. 

Wishing you peace, strength, tranquility-

Cassie & Rebecca



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