We hope you didn't already shop for us, but here's a little secret. We (and by "we," we mean the royal we - almost everyone we know) don't really need another scarf, blender, mug or coffee table book. We believe that "life experiences" are where it's at - a walk through the reservation, a game of charades (the free one, not the one you buy in a box), and yes, a yoga class or two.

This holiday, why not wow your co-worker, kids' teachers, dog-walker, neighbor and festive hostess with the gift of a yoga class? (And, if you really like 'em why not splurge on a class package?) You'll be giving a gift of tranquility and strength, and your special someone will surely remember it a whole lot longer than another pair of mittens.

While you're at it, don’t forget to give the gift of space in your own mind and body. This can be such a busy time of giving for everyone else on your list that you forget about yourself and the importance of detoxing and de-stressing. It’s important to remember yourself this December…and always.

Wishing you peace, strength, tranquility during this holiday season.

Rebecca and The ZURA Team