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DATE: Saturday, July 14th at 12:30 pm

FEE: $10 cash at the door

Are you ready to be the best version of you? Join me on a journey toward wellness and health. In this playful workshop I will help you reconnect with your inner child and discover what foods make you feel best in your body. The right foods can make you feel more alive, alert, powerful and creative. I will guide you toward healthy and delicious choices so your body can thrive! There is no one particular diet for everyone. The best way to discover the right balance for you is to follow your intuition and trust your body. Your body is such an amazing phenomenon, it will tell you which foods to choose and which to avoid. If you are interested in a mind and body transformation, please come to this fun and interactive workshop. 

Raw vegan lunch included. 

For more information, please visit  www.olenkoskitchen.com


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HOT HIIT Training with Monique

DATE: Friday, July 27-Sunday July 29th

FEE: $1095 before July 15th, $1195 after

Want to teach HOT HIIT Classes?

HOT HIIT Teacher Training is a comprehensive 25 hour intensive training that will provide students with a background in the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, integration of HIIT into a program, and more.

The teacher training will break down the HOT HIIT practice and address timing, music, order of exercises, warm-up, cool-down, and feature posture clinics.  The breakdown of form and modifications will be covered in-depth to ensure trainees are fully prepared to begin leading classes.

Teacher trainees may begin to teach immediately after the training weekend.  Full certification requires self study after the training, which includes: taking and teaching 20 classes, passing an exam, demonstrating all exercises without modifications, and a review by Monique Crous of the trainee teaching a full class (video accepted for an additional fee of $30).

Please email Monique@hothiit.com with questions.  For more details, click here.

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