Transformational Breathwork (with live music) followed by Kirtan with Radharani

When: Saturday, November 10th, 7:00 - 9:30pm

(Doors will open at 7pm for Breathwork, Doors reopen at 8pm for Kirtan)

Cost (cash at the door): Breathwork and Kirtan $25; Kirtan only $15

Transformational Breathwork

Lay down and relax, and allow this simple breathing practice to transform you as Radharani sings you into a state of expansion and self-connection. Transformational Breathwork is a incredibly effective practice that assists in profound relaxation and the release of painful cellular memory. Radharani accompanies the practice with uplifting melodies that gently clear the mind and expand the heart.

We will follow the breathwork practice with a kirtan: call and response mantra chanting. Come for both, or join us for the kirtan!


Radharani is a vocalist and producer of chant-based music. She studied Rebirthing Breathwork with its founder, Leonard Orr, and pairs this profound process with her music. Intoning layered melodies in English and Sanskrit, the music roots uplifting messages in the mind and heart to support healing and transformation. Radharani spent four years learning from great spiritual teachers in India and journeying to remote pilgrimage places to engage in lengthy meditation practices and explore the essence of the world’s many sacred truths. Her first original album received acclaim around the globe, and she is about to release her second.

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“If you’re a fan of the sweet sounds of Snatam Kaur, you’ll fall in love with Radharani” – Yoga Journal

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