empower YOGA FOr teens

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4 sessions - $75

Stress, anxiety, and feeling disconnected from your body are not just “adult problems”.  Teens are affected too!  Yoga can help teens manage stress, feel embodied, and grow stronger physically and mentally.  The physical benefits go beyond strength and flexibility.  Yoga improves posture and coordination and has been found to cure numerous stress related ailments.  Additionally, by observing the mind and the way we talk to ourselves, yoga helps us remain calm, enhances concentration and eases emotional reactivity.  Teachers Caroline and Danielle have discovered yoga to be a complete mind-body practice and wish they had been exposed as teens.  Caroline has found yoga to be a powerful way to improve body image.  Danielle values yoga for its ability to connect our minds and bodies to feel balanced and synchronized.   

Over the course of four weeks, Caroline will introduce male and female students ages 13-17 to the physical practice of yoga: asana postures and pranayama breathwork.  Each week will include a challenge pose with modifications for all levels and abilities.  Students will be encouraged to observe how they approach the challenge and how they feel after attempting something new.  Danielle will introduce mindfulness practices with weekly Mindful Moments focused on of challenging negative thinking, relaxation, self-care and self-love.  Any teen 13-17 is invited to join us for this four week Empower Yoga for Teens series at ZURA Montclair where we’ll have fun, learn, challenge ourselves and banish stress!   

The cost for the 4 week series is $75 (not included in unlimited or class packages)

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Sunday 10/29 at 6pm to 7:15pm

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Tune into healing with sound to relieve stress, restore balance and connect to your intuitive self.Join Vibration & Sound Therapeutics Aggie Kuschner in blissfully peaceful Sound Bath that offers a sound journey with-3.jpg