Stacey Villafuerte, New York native, has been teaching yoga since 2014. In her classes, Stacey likes to make the time for both a strong and challenging vinyasa style class alongside an in-depth examination of the therapeutics of the postures. Coming from a dance background, her classes tend to be sequenced in a creative seamless flow with attention to meditative techniques, pranayama and fun music.

Stacey was a dancer for 24 years until she had a serious hip injury. After the injury and a year of physical therapy, Stacey re-found movement in Pilates, yoga, and cycling. Because of her injuries, Stacey intricately explores proper alignment during class to ensure the longevity of each individual’s practice.

Stacey received her teacher trainings from Yoga Vida NYC and Laughing Lotus NYC. Her biggest influence and mentor is Kajuan Douglas. When Stacey isn’t teaching yoga, she works full-time as the Donor Development Manager at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She also loves to ride her bike, take barre classes, and to watch soccer with her husband, specifically Liverpool FC!