Rosie is a lover of movement and meditation, especially when they meet. 

She was introduced to yoga as a young child, accompanying her mother on retreats at Kripalu Yoga Center. In her teens, she studied movement primarily through modern dance, and ultimately rediscovered yoga as a tool for self-care when she became pregnant with her daughter Roo. 

Rosie completed yoga teacher training in 2013 with the American Yoga Academy and bodyART certification in 2016. She adores bodyART for its emphasis on balance and breath, its graceful flow and delicious intensity. She is thrilled to share bodyART with the wonderful community at ZURA, and aims to help her students deepen their flexibility, endurance, and awareness, all while getting lost in a beat. 

Besides her yoga and bodyART training, Rosie recently graduated with a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University and plans to pursue graduate work in mindfulness-based therapies.