Paolo Peralta is a musician, vegan culinary chef, visual artist, tattoo artist and yogi. As the guitarist and synth performer of the New York based industrial-electro-rock band, Turbo Goth, Paolo currently plays music mostly in New York and International Music Festivals. Born in the Philippines, Paolo graduated with a BA Degree in International Studies, majoring in Japanese Studies and also graduated with a second degree and diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management from the prestigious Center for Culinary Arts Manila. Paolo worked as a sous chef of fine-dining restaurants and hotels, and also owned a restaurant and other food businesses in Manila. He moved to the United States with Sarah Gaugler to pursue their music and art career in 2014, established a private luxury tattoo studio in Manhattan, and started exploring with more depth spirituality, eastern religion, human psyche, and yogic practices, and eventually became vegan in 2017.

Paolo believes in the powers of yoga and has been practicing on his own since 2011. In 2018, Paolo trained with Jagadisha and completed his Yoga Teacher Training of 200 hours at Zura Montclair. With his passion for structure, balance, focus, accuracy, and subduing the clamors of the mind and external disturbances, it is not a surprise that his favorite practice is that of Hot 26 and that which he is proud to be teaching as well.

Paolo has found a second home in Montclair when he teaches and practices yoga, and is able to create some of his delicious vegan dishes as one of the chefs and co-owners of Good Plans Café, in Montclair NJ right next door to Zura. At Good Plans Café, they believe in good energy and the nourishing capability of replenishing oneself with healthy, organic foods straight from the earth, prepared with the most natural, purest from ingredients and 100% love.

“May we connect, and be aware of ourselves, our continuous evolution towards goodness; our body and our mind, and our connection with all the people around us. Hope that our paths may one day cross!” – Paolo Peralta