Kids & Teens Yoga classes

Brought by Core yoga for Youth, this Grounded Yoga program for Kids is like an elevator-it lifts you up to any floor you want to go. Classes are meaningful and create a safe space to explore what’s going on inside.  Yoga shows us how to ground when unsettled, energize when feeling sluggish, focus when distracted, and take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively. We do this through mindful centering, breathing practices, Mantra,  Mudra and poses that open the body-mind-heart connection while exploring the 5 elements: how Space, Earth,Water, Fire and Air show up in nature and in ourselves.

Zura Kids now being offered to coincide with our adult yoga class.

Mondays @ 4pm - ZURA Kids (ages 5 - 7)

Fridays @ 4pm - ZURA Teens

Fridays @ 5pm - ZURA Kids (ages 7 - 11)

Family Yoga

Next Family Yoga is Saturday, November 24 @ 4pm.

60 min Yoga Class - beginner level
$20.00 per family all ages
Pre-registration recommended but drop in welcome
Connection and fun for the whole family!
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Weekday morning childcare

Between 9am-12pm on Monday-Friday you can drop off your child next door at the YMCA for affordable babysitting! This is for those who want to come to our 9:30am classes but need childcare.

$10/per hour - 1 child

$15/per hour - 2 children

$20/per hour - 3 children

Geyer Family Branch, 159 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042