Katie Niewodowski was raised on the Gulf coast of Florida where she pursued an education in Fine Art at Ringling School of Art and Design. In 2003 she moved to NJ to earn a Master's degree in Fine Art from Montclair State University. While living in Montclair, she was introduced to the world of Holistic healing which helped her get off the many medications that had been prescribed to her for chronic migraine headaches. Yoga became a part of this process and by 2007 she was feeling great and practicing yoga almost every day. She discovered that physical healing was only one of many benefits that her yoga practice had to offer. She started to look and feel healthier than she ever had, and enjoyed the energy to manage and live her life more vibrantly each day. Through the process of healing, she became aware of the natural wisdom of the human body and the direct connection between body, mind and spirit -- an understanding she attempts to investigate in her art as well --www.katieniewodowski.com

In the fall of 2008, Katie completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training so that she could teach and share the blessings that she has received through the practice. After enjoying the rewards of teaching, in 2010 she continued her yoga education at Baron Baptiste's Teacher Training and then opened up SunMoon Yoga in Jersey City. She’s pleased to share her teaching and knowledge of the Hot 26 postures with the ZURA Montclair community.