Jessie was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2006 by a colleague when she sustained a plantar fascia injury after years of running. While Jessie’s colleague highly recommended a hot yoga practice she felt that Jessie probably wouldn’t be able to take a hot yoga class more than once a week with her injury. Yet, during Jessie’s intro week she made it to class no fewer than three times. Quickly thereafter, she purchased her first of many unlimited monthly packages and only took off from the practice on Sundays. It wasn’t long before Jessie attended the 2007 Bikram Yoga Spring Teacher Training in Hawaii and became a certified BY teacher.

Today, Jessie enjoys practicing as often as she can, never missing an opportunity to take hot yoga classes in as many different studios as she can while traveling for work or on vacation. Jessie is passionate about teaching and would describe her style as disciplined. She feels strongly about both helping students in accordance to the Bikram series of postures, and making their yoga experiences pleasant and warm.