Rev. Jagadisha (ERYT-500) stumbled upon yoga practice in 1995 and began his daily practice in 2001 when he moved to Kripalu Yoga Center to immerse in yogic lifestyle and training for four months. Since becoming a certified teacher in 2002, he’s led over 11,000 hours of yoga instruction and continues to find inspiration in the beauty and grace of the yogic exercises and teachings. He loves the classic tradition and teaches from his living experiment, exploring modern application of the ancient philosophies and continued refinement of healing, intelligent movement. 

Beyond his yoga teaching credentials, he has a degree in philosophy from Rutgers University, was ordained by The New Seminary in 2011, received Kalachakra Initiation from HH the 14th Dalai Lama in 2011, and has had a chance to practice with many well respected teachers from various traditions. 

Currently, he is studying the Luminous Soul and Sanskrit Studies Methods with his beloved teacher, Manorama, who is the founder of those systems and can be found at 

He extends his deepest reverence and gratitude to all of his teachers, students, and fellow travelers on the path of light.