Rev. Jagadisha (ERYT-500) took his first yoga class in 1995 and has
been living a life dedicated to yogic exploration since completing a
four-month residence at Kripalu Yoga Center in 2000.  He has trained
with renowned yoga teachers, including his beloved teacher and
Sanskrit scholar, Manorama, and the creator of hot yoga, Bikram
Choudhury. He has also practiced with Erich Schiffman, John Friend,
Rodney Yee, senior Jivamukti teachers, Yogananda and many others. In
addition to his yoga teaching credentials, he has a degree in
philosophy from Rutgers University, was ordained in 2011 by The New
Seminary for Interfaith Studies, and received Kalachakra Initiation
from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Jagadisha has studied anatomy and movement extensively, both
academically and through practice. He participated in a human cadaver
dissection in 2002 and he became a certified massage therapist in
2016. He has led over 11,000 hours of yoga instruction and continues
to find inspiration in his students’ effort and his own daily
practice. Jagadisha loves the classic tradition and is interested in
exploring how its wisdom applies to both modern living and universal
experience.  His yoga classes convey his deep knowledge and enthusiasm
for modern application of the ancient philosophies, the sciences of
human potential, and his ability to give students tools that support
their awakening to the underlying intelligence and power in their
bodies and minds.

Despite his own history with depression, anxiety, and injuries, his
classes are infused with stories and humor that make the practice
enjoyable and relatable.

He extends his deepest reverence and gratitude to all of his teachers,
students, and fellow travelers on the path of light.