Jacquie Ruderman has practiced and studied yoga for over 17 years, and has transformed her love for learning and practice into her love for teaching. After completing a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification through Lotus Yoga in her hometown of Montclair, NJ, Jacquie is certified to teach a wide range of yoga classes, from a vigorous and lively Vinyasa flow, to a healing yin or rehabilitative restorative class. She trained in Yin Yoga and Insight meditation with Sarah Powers.

Jacquie strives to inspire her students through creative and thoughtful sequencing and breathing techniques. She integrates poetry and uplifting music, creating a learning community that is joyful and dynamic. Her classes are infused with Buddhist-influenced teachings, Ayurvedic insights, and her own curiosity about Chinese medicine. Jacquie believes that yoga is for all people, at all levels, and that "learning to just show up for yourself" is the greatest self-gift. She strives to make her classes a time of discovery, where her students can identify and meet the needs of their bodies in any given moment.

Jacquie also teaches children and adults with special needs, including children with Autism. She is very involved in her community, where she lives with her husband, twin boys, and children of the animal kind.