Halley Mechanic came to yoga in 2004, and has been teaching since 2009. Transformed by the study of yoga and the journey into present-centered awareness, Halley encourages her students to become aware that when they take the time to nourish, nurture and listen to their bodies, they become the conduits of their own healing, maximizing their lives’ fullest potential.  Whether teaching Hatha/Yin yoga or meditation, Halley is devoted to the path of healing, harmony and vitality and tries to teach her students that Yoga itself is, in fact, the conduct of a person who moves with and of the world.  She believes Yoga is not beyond your body, but rather it is the recognition of union through body, breath, mind, heart and whatever your experience is in the here and now.

Halley has additional training in Yoga supporting those who are working through a Breast Cancer diagnosis and beyond. She practices and teaches in NJ, where she joyously shares her services as a Reiki Practitioner Master Level, Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Consultant and Fitness instructor for spinning.

In furthering her knowledge, Halley has studied with numerous respected teachers such as Leslie Kaminoff, Tom Myers, Dr. Vesant Lad, Rolf Sovic, Shari Friedrichsen, Claire Diab, Davidji, Camille Kittrell and Jason Crandell.