Haley Crocker, originally from Sonoma, California, is a professional singer, actor, dancer, and voice over artist.  After receiving her BFA in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory, she moved to NYC and has been working professionally there since 2013.  Haley moved to Montclair in the Spring of 2017 and discovered Zura a year later.

She first found Bikram yoga as a teen dealing with weight struggles, and it helped her to find body positivity as well as strength and flexibility that enhanced her ability as a dancer.  Her fitness journey grew further when, after undergoing two foot surgeries, she incorporated low-impact HIIT training as part of her recovery.  It wasn’t until she joined the Zura family that she discovered Hot HIIT – the perfect fusion of the heat from Bikram, good for detox, sweat, and boosting your calorie-burn, and of the strength, fitness, and endurance from High Intensity Interval Training.  She completed her teacher training with Hot HIIT founder, Monique Crous, at Zura in July 2018, and could not be more thrilled to join the team!