Danielle’s love and appreciation for yoga was not instantaneous! She took her first class in 2002, left with a horrible migraine and vowed to never do it again. For years prior, Danielle had struggled with addiction, anxiety, unreleased trauma, depression and various physical ailments such as headaches, fibroids and diabetes. Despite her uncomfortable beginning with yoga, something drew her back to the practice and she began to realize that an energetic shift had taken place within her mind and body. Yoga was the beginning of Danielle’s miraculous healing journey, both physical and emotional, and the true catalyst for change in her life. In yoga we learn to embrace ourselves exactly as we are. With practice, we realize we are already whole and that everything we need already exists within us. Yoga offers us the tools to recalibrate and come back into alignment with our true self, personal power & freedom. Danielle combines great respect and reverence with a sense of playfulness, joy and relatability to the modern world in her teachings. She enjoys weaving calming breathing techniques and practical meditation tools into her unique flow classes to create a fun yet challenging and blissful experience for all.

In addition to teaching yoga & meditation, Danielle is also an Intuitive Eating & Body Wisdom Coach, and a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) Practitioner. Danielle helps individuals break free from emotional eating and the diet/binge cycle to lose weight naturally without diets or deprivation. Danielle’s extensive education combined with intuition, and her own personal experience with addiction, body image, and weight loss, allow her to dive deep with clients to explore the root of their cravings, binge eating habits, and self sabotage to uncover what is really holding them back from making healthy lifestyle choices and having a body and life they absolutely adore.