Prior to becoming a certified teacher, Danielle stumbled upon yoga while producing fitness videos for MTV. After turning 40, she noticed that while she felt better than ever, her mind and body needed more. She looked for a method that would keep her flexible and also build muscle, but she couldn't find one. This inspired her to develop Xen Strength Yoga with Weights -- a modern twist on yoga that incorporates yoga and strength training.

In 2012, Danielle produced her first Xen Strength Yoga DVD, which has sold thousands of copies all over the world and she currently trains teachers globally in her Xen Strength method. Danielle is a regular contributor to Yahoo Beauty and The Huffington Post, and she has appeared on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, as well as on Shape, Yoga Journal and Self Online. She was featured in Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful campaign and book, and is a featured teacher on YogaVibes and YogaDownload.