Yoga Program for Kids & Teens

Mondays @ 4pm (ages 5-7)

Fridays @ 4pm (zura teens)

Fridays @ 5pm (ages 5-11)

Fee: $17 per class or $75 for a 5-class pack

Brought by Core Yoga for Youth, this Grounded Yoga program for Kids is like an elevator - it lifts you up to any floor you want to go.  Classes are meaningful and create a safe space to explore what's going on inside.  Yoga shows us how to ground when unsettled, energize when feeling sluggish, focus when distracted, and take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively.  We do this through mindful centering, breathing practices, Mantra, Mudra and poses that open the body-mind-heart connection.  Zura Kids now being offered to coincide with our adult yoga class.


Rise and Shine

Early bird special $60

for unlimited 6am and 7am classes for one month