studio A (HOT)


HOT 26

This class, also known as “Bikram Yoga,” is slow-moving with detailed instructions for each pose so it is accessible for newcomers as well as seasoned students. Each class focuses on 26 classic yoga postures which are energizing, purifying and highly therapeutic. Practice of the Hot 26 sequence improves physical conditioning while minimizing injury. Hot 26, while intense due to the heat and exactness of the postures, is suitable for all levels.


This class is a wonderful complement to the Hot 26 sequence and a powerful practice on its own. With focus on developing the body’s core, this class will help you connect to your center while you open up every corner of your body. As you connect inner and outer foundations, you will be able to lengthen your expansions. The result is a feeling of lightness, alignment and well-being. Evolution is suitable for all levels.

TGIF Evolution: Treat yourself  to the combined experience of using therapy balls for  myofasical release before your Evolution poses. You will roll out unraveling areas of tension and tightness that cause reduced range of motion in shoulders, neck, hips and feet. The Roll Model® is a self massage method that teachers you to use a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls to eradicate aches and pain, improve posture and performance. Step into your weekend feeling a deep release in your body, mind and spirit. 20 minutes Roll Model plus  Evolution Express. Therapy Balls provided.


The Fusion class, practiced in lower heat than Hot 26 and Evolution, incorporates the postures of the Hot 26 class, adding Downward-facing dog/chaturanga poses and sun salutation sequences. Fusion is practiced in a flowing Vinyasa style. The standing sequence is consistent while the floor series varies to focus on developing flexibility and strength in different areas of the body. Fusion is suitable for all levels.

A one-hour flow of the Fusion series lead with minimal instruction. Recommended for those who have experience with the Fusion class at ZURA or some vinyasa experience.   


The Hot HIIT class is a movement training system that is practiced in a room heated to about 100 degrees. The class provides students with muscle toning and cardio exercises designed to rapidly create long, lean muscles while at the same time burning fat. Students will immediately notice enhanced core strength, better blood circulation, improved posture and increased flexibility in their bodies. Paired with upbeat music, the Hot HIIT experience is a full-body workout that is low impact (protecting joints and muscles) and performed in bare feet on a yoga mat. Hot HIIT is a practice appropriate for all levels.

hot hiit

Rhythm Fire

Rhythm Fire is a rhythmic flowing yoga set to music and practiced on a mat in a warm room. The class moves systematically through the body, warming, stretching and strengthening the muscles. The series incorporates fluid transitions and balancing poses. The set sequence will help the student become increasingly familiar with the flow over time which encourages the connection between music and movement and results in a meditative yoga dance.


Studio B


bodyART™ is a high energy movement class combining yoga, Pilates, dance and martial arts. The class is done barefoot on a mat in our non-hot studio. Come prepared to move to inspiring music and to sweat! Class size is limited to 25 -- be sure to sign up for the class in advance.  


(60 and 75 Minute classes)

This class is invigorating and detoxifying, incorporating poses to develop your strength, balance and flexibility. Expect Sun Salutations and dynamic sequences set to uplifting music, inspiring the flow of breath to connect with each movement and awaken new neuromuscular connections. Treat yourself to this moving meditation to de-stress, release the chatter of the mind and discover greater self-awareness. Challenge your edge as your confidence grows! This is an Open Level class in a room heated to 85-90 degrees, suitable for all levels, offering modifications and variations of poses.

+ CORE: This class incorporates all the elements of our Warm Power Vinyasa class and SQUEEZES in 10 minutes of Extra Hard CORE Work! Perfect for anyone looking for a more intense core sequence and ready to discover tighter washboard abs! Expect to leave class feeling refreshed, revived and powerful! This is an Open Level class, suitable for all levels, offering modifications and variations of poses.

ZURA Strength

ZURA Strength is a one-hour strengthening yoga and movement class using light hand weights. The ZURA Strength practice focuses on enhancing your upper body, lower body, core and cardio strength.

This class, taught in the non-hot room and practiced in bare feet, is an ideal complement to any of your yoga classes, including your Hot 26 and Fusion classes in the hot studio. ZURA Strength begins with a warm-up vinyasa which will incorporate core isolation and alignment principles. You will integrate light weights along with upper body and lower body movements to elevate your heart rate, continually moving with your breath so you optimize every exercise and movement sequence in your body. You are sure to work up a sweat as you sculpt and strengthen your core. All levels are welcome.


ZURA Blast begins with a warmup and gradually increases in intensity so that a faster heart rate is maintained to build cardio endurance. Weights, calisthenics and short bursts of power are used to build muscle and joint strength. This class, taught in the non-hot room, is only 45 minutes long so you are in and out quickly but in that short time you will have successfully challenged your cardiovascular system and actively moved your body for a total workout.

Yin Yoga

The Yin practice focuses on the body’s organs and connective tissues more than the muscular system. Since students are usually seated or lying on the floor during class, Yin Yoga is often referred to as the “quiet practice.” Holding each pose for at least 3-5 minutes allows a deep unwinding of tensions in the body’s connective tissues, specifically in the ligaments and tendons in the joints and spine. This has the effect of opening the connective tissue to flush out the meridian system which helps Prana or Chi flow through the body. A well-prepared Yin sequence can often create the same benefits to the student as an acupuncture or massage session.

Candlelit Restorative Yoga

This is a gentle class open to all levels. Class begins with a simple flow sequence to warm up, followed by restorative poses to open and expand the body. Various props including blankets, blocks and bolsters are used for support in seated and reclined positions to passively stretch, calm, and open the body. Props allow students to fully and completely relax with no muscular contraction. Poses are held for between 5-10 minutes. Once the body is settled into each pose, students are guided through various meditation and mindfulness practices to relax the mind. This builds a strong mind-body connection and encourages deep physical and mental relaxation and healing. This class soothes the nervous system, promotes a restful nights' sleep, encourages mindfulness and relaxes the body into expansion.