BobbiJo began her yoga journey as a teenager in an elective Hatha Yoga course at University of Delaware. She experienced the typical stresses of a college student but found this course instrumental in keeping her centered.  After college, her journey led her to Bikram and hot yoga. The transformative nature of the heat was so profound, she continued on her path religiously turning to her yoga practice to ground her.  Marriage, the birth of her two daughters, and a Physical Therapy career later she was looking to go deeper within herself and her practice.  In 2011 she completed Be Evolution’s first 200-hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Rev. Jagadisha Petrovic.  Since this training, she has studied with Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysmen to bring yoga to children from pre-k to teens.  She has completed all 4 levels of the Grounded kids program and now is a trainer herself.

From the perspective that yoga teaches us how to be more connected with our body, our mind and our heart, her yoga classes challenge her students to focus on what is going on with themselves in the moment.  She believes in the benefits of practicing in the heat to open and align body tissues and joint systems. This allows complete circulation and nourishment of all the cells in the body, giving her students the feeling of vitality and health.  She takes her knowledge of anatomy and cues the physical practice while encouraging her students to go deeper into their hearts and how they feel.