Beth took her first Bikram Yoga class sixteen years ago and was immediately taken by the physical challenge of the meditative class. She was thrilled when Jagadisha opened his studio in Montclair.

Beth’s yoga practice has become her moving meditation, her place to let go of anxieties surrounding her life off the mat as well as a guidepost for other life endeavors. She’s shared with students repeatedly how the stillness and depth of her yoga practice centers her, calms her and allows her to consider all her possibilities.

In 2014, Beth completed her 200-hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Jagadisha and she’s led hot yoga classes, including Hot 26, Evolution and Hot Fusion at Be Evolution and now at ZURA. When she’s not teaching a class, you’ll often find Beth on the mat next to you as she continues to grow her own practice. She loves to guide others through their practice with a strong emphasis on alignment and to share how the practice of hot yoga can provide strength, confidence and peace.  She is thrilled to be part of the ZURA team!